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Self-Organization in physics and biology, morphogenesis, turbulence, walking droplets and non-linear physics.

International meeting in memory of

Yves Couder

Paris 4th-7th June 2024

Confirmed Speakers

Bruno Andreotti

Françoise Argoul

Elsa Bayart

Thomas Bohr

Daniel Bonn

Arezki Boudaoud

John Bush

Etienne Couturier

Linda Cummings

Stéphane Douady

Bérangère Dubrulle

Antonin Eddi

Stephan Fauve

Matias Fink

Jay Fineberg

Emmanuel Fort

Ray Goldstein

Alain Goriely

Vincent Hakim

Dan Harris

Anne Juel

Hamid Kellay

Herbert Levine

Anke Lindner

Yasmine Meroz

Keith Moffatt

Ludovic Pauchard

Stéphane Perrard

Yves Pomeau

Itamar Procaccia

Suzie Protière

Benoît Roman

Masaki Sano

Boris Shraiman

Harry Swinney

Laurette Tuckerman

Nicolas Vandewalle

Emmanuel Villermaux

Mingming Wu


Yves Couder (1941-2019) had a tremendous scientific impact in such fields as turbulence, dendritic growth, the Saffman-Taylor instability, plant morphogenesis and walking droplets, as well as in many disparate areas of non-linear physics, ranging from biological self-organisation to urban development. This meeting aims at bringing together scientists working in these fields who have been inspired by the man and/or his work, and to highlight and discuss new avenues of science in the field of non-linear condensed matter physics.

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Organizing committee: M. Ben Amar (ENS-PSL*, Physics Dept), F. Petrelis (ENS-PSL*, Physics Dept), M. Labousse (ESPCI-PSL*, Gulliver), F. C. Benoit (U-Paris-Cité, Diderot), A. Daerr (U-Paris-Cité, MSC), V. Fleury (U-Paris-Cité, MSC), E. Fort (U-Paris-Cité, Inst. Langevin), A. Goriely (Chairman, Maths Institute, Oxford), L. Limat (Chairman, U-Paris-Cité, MSC), S. Metens (U-Paris-Cité, MSC), M. Rabaud (U-Paris-Saclay, FAST)